Help us ring in our 50th Anniversary year by joining us for the spectacular New Year's Eve show RING IN THE NEW!  Every year we put together a brand new collection of music and comedy to usher in the New Year with sound, and color, and great, great fun - but this year is extra-special.  2014 marks the 50th year of The Fireside, and we want you to help us start it off right.  Hosted by The Fireside's well known director/actor Ed Flesch, and performed by a cast of multi-talented singers and dancers, RING IN THE NEW brings back great moments from our past band shows like THOSE FABULOUS FIFTIES and VIVA VEGAS, as well as recreating memories from some of our great Broadway musicals and presenting brand new music and comedy.  There are laughs galore in this fast moving, festive celebration of all the hope and promise of a new year!  You won't find a more fun-filled way to spend this special time.