It’s been a long wait for fans of MY FAIR LADY – our last production of this was in 1994 – and this one is SO worth the wait!  Often referred to as one of the world’s greatest musicals, MY FAIR LADY has it all – gorgeous costumes and sets, great songs, and wonderful dancing – but the most important piece is the story and the way it’s told.

Our new production is blessed with impeccable performances that could not be better. We are thrilled to welcome back Steven Lane (who has been gone far too long) as Henry Higgins and Laura Cable (The Little Mermaid’s Ursula!) as Eliza Doolittle. Joining them are more favorites – Alan Ball as Alfred P. Doolittle, Michael Haws as Col. Pickering, Glory Kissel as Mrs. Higgins, and Mary Jane Guymon as Mrs. Pearce. Kudos to Ed Flesch and his entire production team for bringing to life one of Broadway’s finest shows.

Please see the complete bios for these performers and the whole cast of MY FAIR LADY!