On Wednesday, May 8, 153 young actresses aged 7 – 14 came to The Fireside in search of stardom!  They were here to audition for the roles of Annie and the six orphans in our summer production of ANNIE which opens on July 18th. Each candidate was given the opportunity to sing a short song for Director Ed Flesch. Once everyone had been heard, he narrowed the field down though a couple of cuts and had some sing again. Normally that’s enough information for him to go on for casting, but there was so much talent in that final group of 40 and it was getting late for these young performers. A callback was scheduled for May 13th where the final candidates read a scene in small groups showcasing each of the characters. They also sang part of “It’s A Hard Knock Life,” together and in small groups, for Musical Director Mary Ehlinger. By the end of the night Mr. Flesch felt he had enough information to choose his cast and will be offering roles to 13 lucky girls by the end of the week.  Good luck, everyone!