Buddy Holly’s groundbreaking style influenced many popular musicians as Rock and Roll came into its own in the 1960’s. Unfortunately, this year will mark the 60th anniversary of his untimely death so we will never know where his talent would have taken him. Here are some thoughts on Buddy’s influence from several other famous rockers:

“John Lennon and I started to write because of Buddy Holly. It was like, ‘Wow! He writes and is a musician.’ In our imagination back then, John was Buddy and I was Little Richard or Elvis.” – Paul McCartney

“He made it OK to wear glasses. I WAS Buddy Holly.” – John Lennon

“You could learn from Buddy Holly how to write songs, the way he put them together. He was a beautiful writer.” – Mick Jagger

“To guys of my age at the time, if you were the least bit interested in music, Buddy was the one . . . Elvis was fantastic, but because Buddy had glasses and looked a bit like a bank clerk, you could say to yourself, ‘Well, it’s not just for guys who look like Elvis,’ because otherwise it was sort of unattainable.” – Keith Richards

“The great thing about Buddy Holly is his songs had a rhythm and blusy kind of feel, super catchy with really strong vocal melodies. Part of his sound was the way he played that Fender, and I really appreciated it.” – Kirk Hammett of Metallica

“From the moment I first heard him, I felt akin, I felt related, like he was an older brother. I even thought I resembled him. Buddy played the music I love, the music I grew up on – country-western, rock ‘n’ roll, and rhythm and blues – three separate strands of music that he intertwined and infused into one genre, one brand. Buddy wrote songs that had beautiful melodies and imaginative verses. And he sang great. He was the archetype – everything I wasn’t and wanted to be. Something about him seemed permanent, and he filled me with conviction.” – Bob Dylan

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