From all of us at The Fireside, we wish a very Happy New Year and extend a heartfelt thank you to our loyal friends for all you’ve done for us throughout the difficult and unprecedented year of 2020. Your support has meant the world to us, coming in many forms including, but not limited to, the following things you have done:
Agreed to delay your reservations for one (or as many as five!) of our shows.
Attended a weekend concert, or for some of you, attended a LOT of weekend concerts!
Joined us in the dining room for a Friday Night Fish Fry.
Ordered Curbside Carryout on a Wednesday or Friday night.
Got take home dinners for Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving or Christmas.
Visited our gift shops, including our summer sidewalk sales and Holiday Open House.
Shopped on our new online store.
Ordered a gift card for someone, or took one in exchange for a reservation.
Put up with our frequent emails to stay up to date on what we’re doing.
Commented on, liked, or shared a Facebook or Instagram post.
Told a friend about a concert you enjoyed.
Wished us well, sent an encouraging note, or missed visiting us.
Continued to look forward to when you can return.
Whichever ways you helped, we appreciate it, and are committed to seeing this through so we can serve all of you again. While there is hope, and continued entertainment on a smaller scale than our regular shows, the timeline remains uncertain. Hang in there, continue to stay connected, and come back when you are ready. We’ll be here. Happy New Year!