We are pleased to feature two favorite Fireside performers in the roles of the Baroness Elsa Schraeder and “uncle” Max Detweiller in our current production of THE SOUND OF MUSIC.  Laura is best remembered for her portrayals here of Ursula in THE LITTLE MERMAID, Eliza Doolittle in MY FAIR LADY, and the Fairy Godmother in last summer’s CINDERELLA. She is an absolute delight on stage and off.

Michael has a long resume of Fireside productions you’ve enjoyed him in, most recently Jacob in JOSEPH, the King in CINDERELLA, and Uncle Arvide in GUYS AND DOLLS.  He’s also worked at other theatres throughout the U.S. but loves to call The Fireside home.

Audiences are loving this production, sharing praise such as “The best show I’ve ever seen,” “Unbelievable voices, lots of smiles in the audience,” and “The actors and actresses were exceptional.” Seating is limited but we encourage you to call the box office at 800-477-9505 to see what’s available. The show runs through April 17th with a variety of show times and menus to choose from.  For more information, visit the show page.