Way back in 1993 a cute movie about a couple of old fishermen in Wabasha, MN became a huge hit. It’s still a favorite of many fans who watch it regularly just to laugh. Now The Fireside’s new musical version has hit the stage as our hottest selling show of the season. The opening weekend crowds loved it, and you will, too!

Victor Hernandez, Dan Embree, and Michelle Jennings star as John, Max, and Ariel. John and Max have been feuding for years, but do they even remember why?  When Ariel moves in across the street tensions heat up all over again. In between, they still go fishing together, and they’re perfectly nice to everyone but each other. Their performances will keep you laughing and the fresh new songs will keep your toes tapping.

If Victor and Dan look familiar to you, it’s because you’ve enjoyed both of them in several previous Fireside productions.  Check out their bios along with the rest of the cast including Steven Joshua Thompson as Max’s son and Cat Greenfield as John’s daughter who may or may not be rekindling an old romance of their own. The rest of the Wabasha residents are so delightful you just might want to move there to be part of the gang!

Tickets are going fast so check your calendars and give us a call. We’ve added five Friday evening shows to help meet demand and it runs through May 28th, Memorial Day weekend. Details and menus are online here and available from our friendly staff at 800-477-9505. We look forward to welcoming you to “Wabasha!”