School Rate with 13 or More

Weekday Matinee School Packages (Show with Meal)

School Package Includes

  • Students: $71.25 per student is the School Package Rate with 13 or more including chaperones. (2024 rate is $72.95.)
  • Chaperones:
    • One chaperone for every 19 tickets will receive a complimentary ticket.
    • $74.25 or $77.25 is the Group Tax Exempt Rate for additional chaperones, depending on date attending. (2024 rates are $75.95 and $78.95.)
  • These rates include the show meals for the chaperones and the students no matter what their age.
  • Please request our Group Rate Flyer for additional options.

Combined School Package + Group Youth Packages

  • Combine younger students, ages 14 and under, with older students to form a group with 13 or more.
  • Age 14 and Under: $55.25 Tax Exempt Group Youth Rate with the Youth Package Meal in place of the show meals. (2024 rate is $56.95.)
  • Over Age 14: $71.25 School Package Rate with the show meals. (2024 rate is $72.95.)
  • The Youth Package Meal includes a Fresh Fruit Salad, Tomato Bisque, Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Monterey Jack Macaroni and Cheese, Green Beans, and a Chocolate Sundae for dessert.

These benefits apply for both School Packages and Combined School/Group Youth Packages:

  • Both packages include a meal and the performance. Gratuity is additional and may be pre-paid or paid directly to the server.
  • Included beverages are Coffee (for adults), tea (hot or cold) and milk (2 glasses).
  • Soda and ice cream drinks are an additional charge. Please pre order ice cream drinks.
  • One chaperone for every 18 paid guests is complimentary.
  • Dinner is provided for one driver per bus.
  • Theatre seating is in front or second row balcony (stairs required).
  • Arrival time is 10:30AM unless otherwise arranged.
  • Each bus is greeted upon arrival and escorted to the dining room. No tickets are required.
  • Complementary Educational Seminar is available on selected dates (except during Christmas).
  • School Rates may not apply for Christmas performances.

Booking as easy as 1-2-3!
STEP 1: Call for seats; we’ll send you a reservation agreement.
STEP 2: Return your signed agreement with a $1.00 per person deposit to hold your seats (minimum $25).
STEP 3: Confirm your count one month in advance of your arrival and follow with your payment with in one week.